Searching for a new career? You can’t go wrong with jobs in information technology, a field that’s set to grow over 20% in the near future.

Information technology, also known as IT, is a field that’s expanding faster than many other industries. It pays well, too; many in-demand positions have an annual average wage at around $86,000.

To break into IT, you’re going to need certain tech skills. Here are the top five most in-demand skills you need to impress potential bosses, stand out from the crowd, and land your dream job!

1. Coding

It almost goes without saying that the foundation of any tech job is coding knowledge. Understanding basic HTML and/or C++ is crucial for many in the IT industry.

There are many code languages out there. If you’re applying for a specific position, try to see if they value one over another and focus on developing your knowledge in that language.

Don’t be intimidated if you don’t have a university degree in JavaScript, HTML, or Python. Certifications and degrees help, but sometimes you can find free, self-guided learning resources online.

2. Cloud Computing

The cloud, an online storage database, has become an increasingly attractive option for many companies. Information can be instantly shared no matter where your workforce is.

Along with this new digital communications service comes unique challenges. Understanding cloud architecture and security are the kind of niche skills you’ll need to land your dream job.

3. Networking

Traditional networking involves growing your circle of associates so that you always have relevant information at your fingertips. Networking for IT is kind of like that, but with computing architecture.

As an IT professional, you’ll need to master both forms of networking. You need to learn how to work with computer networks and the networks of people who use them.

4. Communication

Much like networking, clear and prompt communication is one of the most in-demand skills for future IT pros. It’s a so-called “soft skill” that comes in to play more often than you would expect.

It’s a misconception that the IT field is perfect for introverts. You’ll need to interact with many different people, and may even be asked to give presentations.

Your success depends on being able to clearly explain your work to various teams, coworkers, and leaders. Brush up on your people skills and you’ll go far.

5. Management

Management is another “soft skill” you’ll need to succeed. There are many things you’ll have to manage as an IT professional.

Time management is important to deliver a product on time. Impress potential employers with your project management skills by detailing a job you oversaw from beginning to end.

Including any examples of your management skills in your resume will set you apart from other job seekers. Don’t leave it out!

Top Tech Skills You Need Now

These five tech skills will help you find a job in the growing IT sector. If you’re ready for a change, start checking items off this list. Want to reach out to someone who can help you plan your next career move? Reach out to us today and make your dream job a reality!