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You may be asking yourself – where do I start when it comes to writing a resume? Take a look at the next ten steps for resume tips and how to use a template to input your information.

10 Tips on How to Create a Resume and Market Yourself

1. Create a Resume Rough Draft and write out the information you want your resume to display. Decide on what contact information you want to share with recruiters. Use an email for your resume that you often check or create an email address just for job applications. This will help you keep organized with applications and recruiter correspondence.


2. Write a Professional Summary or create an objective section to highlight your skills and what you are looking for in your next role. Keep it short and to the point, so recruiters/employers can read through it and quickly understand who you are.


3. Highlight your Resume Keywords to make sure you are including key information from your roles and skill set. Include technologies, equipment and any other keywords to highlight your skills throughout your resume.


4. Find a Resume Template. There are many templates online, search and find the best one for you. Some great websites to find a template are:  Canva, Indeed, Microsoft Office, and many more. HSGI also provides templates to help construct and streamline your information to make it easy to read. Make sure not use any crazy font or any bold colors. Recommended Font and Color are Arial Black. Also, use a template that is 1-2 pages long to keep it brief. This will make your resume more attractive to recruiters and hiring managers, when you keep it short and to the point.  You can find our resume template here. 


5. Input the Information onto the Resume Template. Transfer your notes from your rough draft and place it onto your template. Customize the template to make it yours.  Make sure to input the correct contact information, job titles, dates, locations, education, certifications, additional skills, etc.


6. Review your Resume Bulleted Role Descriptions. If you need help coming up with bullet points, pull up your offer letter from your previous roles. It should list job duties that give you written descriptions to input onto your resume template. Think through your day-to-day duties and what technologies/equipment you used to include in the bullet points. Keep the bullet points short and to the point. Aim to have 3-6 bullet points per role.


7. Add Any Further Information. References, contributions, projects, further skills are optional to add to your resume. If you have the information, keep it short and add it on there to highlight further skills. For references, make sure to include the full name, their job title, if they were a colleague/manager, and their contact information (phone number and email).


8. Proofread the Final Product. Make sure to read through your resume and double check that grammar/spelling is all correct. Also, make sure all the font type, size and color are the same. At the end of your bullet points decide whether to use a period (end of sentence) or not. Make sure it is consistent and easy to read.


9. Send your Resume to your Recruiter and/or Post it online. Connect with HSGI, Inc. and give us a call at 678 377 1132 to let us know what role you are looking for and how we can help. Have it ready to help us expedite the process to get you set up with an interview as soon as the role you are looking for is available. Post it online on various job boards to put your name and skill set out there. Some great online career sites are JSfirm, Indeed, Career Builder, Monster and LinkedIn.


10. Good Luck on Your Job Search! Keep your resume updated and reach out to HSGI for any job search and career assistance you may need.


HSGI, Inc. Basic Resume Template